PM and NOx Emission Standards of NRMM

Impact assessment of PM and NOx emission standards of NRMM

The EU regulates the emissions of non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) through the 97/68/EC directive. NRMM is machinery intended or suited to move or to be moved on the ground with or without road like bulldozers, excavators, fork lift trucks, mobile cranes, ships, locomotives, chain saws, lawn mowers, .... Amendments to this directive foresee review clauses for certain elements. The Joint Research Centre (JRC) made a technical review of the possible options for reviewing the clauses.

The aim of this study contract was to compare different options for the NRMM directive revision to support the EU decision making. The comparison was made based on a multi criteria analysis using efficiency, effectiveness and consistency criteria. This takes into account the investigated points of the detailed impact analysis which looked at environmental, economic and social effects of the different options.


Executive summary:
IA_emissions_NRMM_Executive_summary.pdf (English, French, German)
Full report:
IA_emissions_NRMM_Final_Report.pdf (English only)



funded by

European Commission, DG for Enterprise & Industry (ENTR)


Arcadis (previously Ecolas)


Bruno Van Zeebroeck, Filip Vanhove


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