Network Statements

Best practice guide for railway Network Statements

TML was involved in the analysis of existing Network Statements in EU member states and EEA countries. The objective of this study for DG MOVE was to analyse the existing level of implementation of provisions set by Directive 2001/14/EC and to develop recommendations for drafting Railway Network Statements, based also on the analysis of existing best practices.  

Network Statements are “the key to market access”, because they summarise all relevant information on the rail infrastructure “product”: how to obtain access to it, what are its characteristics (in the different section of the network), how much of it is available (i.e. the infrastructure capacity), what is the timing for requesting it, what is its price, etc.

The European Commission launched and implemented an “open access” policy which foresees an “on-track competition” among railway operators. The introduction of the “market forces” in the rail sector requires, in that framework, an easy and fair access to the information on the network. In order to achieve this fair and easy access, the directive 2001/14/EC has defined the basic requirements to be fulfilled by the Network Statements.


Final report: Best practice guide for Network Statements



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