Mobility Study Recreational Cluster 'Moerelei'

An impact study on traffic circulation

TML, in cooperation with SumResearch and landscape architect D. Vandekerkhove, won the architectural design competition for the future development of the 'Moerelei' recreational cluster in Wilrijk (Antwerp).

The project is located on the site of the existing petting farm, velodrome and ice skating rink, ski piste and soccer fields. The proposal features more uniformity in the currently fragmented recreational site, while seeking a connection with the surrounding green zones. The petting farm will be revaluated and extended with a farm and eating area, increasing the attraction of the location.

TML advised the city of Antwerp on the traffic circulation in the Moerelei area. Using a traffic model, we examined the impact of a scenario in which the Moerelei path was deviated towards the extended Elektronikalaan. We compared this scenario with the current situation as a basic scenario.

The traffic circulation is not hindered by the deviation. There is ample capacity to handle the traffic volume. In addition, there is no impact on traffic volumes on the Groenstraat, nor at the intersection of the Terbekehofdreef with the N177.

Traffic simulation


Final report (in Dutch)

Presentation (in Dutch)



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