New Road Link "Meccano" Antwerp

Traffic analysis and SCBA of a new road link in Antwerp

This study made a traffic analysis and a social cost benefit analysis of the MECCANO road link.
This is the alternative connection for the Oosterweel road link and its most important characteristics are: that it is a more northern Schelde crossing, has an additional western tangent and offers route charging instead of a toll on the Oosterweel road link with a freight prohibition for the Kennedy tunnel.

The project was conducted for Forum 2020. It compares two projects and 6 alternatives: the Oosterweel road link as by decision of the Flemish government, and the Meccano road link as defined by the Forum 2020.

On September 9, 2011: The report was discussed by TML and Forum 2020 at a press conference at the Antwerp Management School. (presentation - summary of the final report, in Dutch)

On June 10, 2011: Several additional scenarios were calculated and discussed by TML and Forum 2020 at a press conference (presentation - report)

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Final report (in Dutch)



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Forum 2020


Isaak Yperman, Griet De Ceuster


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