The Bossuit-Kortrijk Canal

Upgrade of the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal for class Va ships

The Bossuit-Kortrijk canal, connecting the rivers the Upper Scheldt and the Lys, will be upgraded to CEMT class Va on its entire length, whereas now it can only be accessed by ships of this size up to just before Kortrijk. In order to upgrade the section of the canal around Kortrijk, an accurate projection of the expected waterway traffic after the upgrade is needed.

Using a transport network cost model, TML will assess the size and amount of ships expected to use the canal. This will include a projection of growth of current volumes, plus the generation of new volumes that are either rerouted from other waterways, shifted from other transport modes or generated because of lower shipping costs.
In a second stage, TML will use these projections as part of a full social cost-benefit analysis, also incorporating external costs, project costs, employment effects,…


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Tim Breemersch, Kristof Carlier


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