Truck Lane Changing Restrictions

Effects of lane changing of trucks and passenger cars on traffic flow

The interaction between trucks and passenger cars has a major impact on traffic flow on motorways. This paper analyses whether it is worthwhile to implement truck lane changing restrictions. For this reason, a large number of situations has been analysed using a heterogeneous dynamic model. The gain in travel time was used as criterion. 

The most important conclusions are: as more cars enter the road, an overtaking prohibition for trucks becomes more "interesting". However, there is an upper limit to the number of cars for which benefits are gained. As soon as the capacity of a lane is exceeded, the advantage of the prohibition diminishes. In case of a high supply of cars, congestion becomes a real issue and all cars will drive more slowly. As such, the relative gain due to slow-moving trucks that are required to keep their lane, is lost. Besides this, an overtaking prohibition for trucks will be less effective for an increasing number of lanes for each driving direction.


Paper "Inhaalverbod voor vrachtwagens": artikel_200303.pdf (Dutch)

This paper has been presented at the conference Vervoerslogistieke Werkdagen in November 2003.




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