Impact Express Tramline Maastricht

Further investigation temporary terminus tram Hasselt - Maastricht

In Belgium and the Netherlands there are advanced plans for the construction of a tramline between Hasselt station and Maastricht station. Early 2015, a review revealed that the route between the city centre and the train station of Maastricht does not fit within the established project frameworks. It was therefore decided to explore the possibility to give the tramline a temporary terminus in the centre of Maastricht.

After a first analysis with a second opinion given on the analysis previously made by Goudappel Goffeng on the transport value of the tram line and the effect of a possible truncation, Goudappel Coffeng and TML investigated the effects of a temporary truncated tramline on behalf of the province of Limburg, the Flemish Government, and De Lijn.

As a result of this joint analysis the following elements were drafted:

  • an adjusted forecast of the transportation value effect of a terminus  in the centre of Maastricht
  • the financial impact of the reduction of the tram line to the operating income of De Lijn

Based on these analyses, the clients will make further arrangements concerning the express tramline.





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De Lijn Limburg


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