Screening of air quality problems in Flanders due to road traffic (for NOx and PM10)

In 2003- 2004 we analysed the problem of air pollution (NOx and PM10) due to road traffic in Flanders. We performed this work together with the Dutch institute TNO-MEP. We analysed the traffic pattern, and the traffic emissions for 2010. With this, we determined the air quality in urban areas and along motorways according the European directive 1999/30/EG. For this we used among others the "TNO-Verspreidingsmodel". We also proposed measures for those locations where air quality problems are expected.


Final report (Dutch): rapport_02.15_immi.pdf

Paper "Invloed wegverkeer op Vlaamse luchtkwaliteit" (Dutch): artikel_200404.pdf


2003 - 2005

funded by

Vlaamse overheid, AMINAL, Sectie Lucht (Flemish government, Air Quality Section, now called Departement LNE)):


Filip Vanhove, Griet De Ceuster


TNO (project leader)


Filip Vanhove

+32 16 31.77.35
reference: 02.15