Environmental Modelling for automated Driving and Active Safety

Autonomous, automated and driver assisting vehicles are highly positioned on the international research agenda. Analysts predict a very large market potential in different sectors. With this project we will enable vehicle automation research in order to prepare for an expected market potential within the next 5 years.

The project is starting from a bus that is already guided laterally (thus automated steering), and which is supported by an extensive safety case for operation in the public space. During the project we will learn from existing cases and we will explore new methods for the execution of an incremental safety case analysis when adding of longitudinal guidance to this bus.

Within this project, we will bring human driving notions into an automated vehicle. To that end, TML develops an objective framework for the assessment of safety impacts associated to the use of autonomous vehicles. In addition, TML develops an applicable HMI framework for optimal risk perception and action by a driver/observer in a (semi- of fully) autonomous mobile environment.


15 June 2017, Sven Maerivoet gave an interview on Experimenting with self-driving busses. What is the effect on traffic behaviour?

11 December 2015, Sven Maerivoet attended the debate "The future of the selfdriving car", at the Festival van de Gelijkheid, Ghent

1 October 2015, Sven Maerivoet gave a talk during the Bits & Chips conference in Den Bosch, The Netherlands on the topic of Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Press release Flanders Drive / Introduction AVICA program

28 May 2015,Sven Maerivoet participated in a hearing on autonomous vehicles of the Flemish Parliament (video - transcript)


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Sven Maerivoet, Lars Akkermans, Kristof Carlier


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