Support for a Joint Task Force of Europe, Japan and USA on setting a common research agenda for assessing impact of ITS on energy efficiency

The overall objectives of ECOSTAND are as follows:

  • to enable future ITS investment and policy decisions to be taken on the basis of sound and detailed knowledge of their impacts based on an internationally agreed assessment methodology;
  • to favour a continuous dialogue between the EU, Japan and USA on this topic, and to permit a high quality European contribution to the definition of a joint research agenda;
  • to actively stimulate cooperation and exchange between the 3 regions and thereby learn from the experience in Japan and the USA on modelling tools, and evaluation methodologies;
  • to promote the definition of a common agenda for future research in this area, and to identify a roadmap towards achieving international standardisation of the methodology.

The project will involve a 3-step-process, beginning with a short preparation and review phase, followed by two rounds of symposia, and ending with a joint technical report. In the preparation phase a review of best practice will be carried out, together with a relationship-building exercise in order to ensure the attendance and cooperation of key experts at the symposia. In each round of symposia 3 events will be organised, with one in each of the main regions covered by this project. Each round of symposia will culminate in the production of a separate Policy Advice Report for the EC.


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funded by

European Commission, DG INFSO, FP7


TNO (NL) - (Coordinator), PTV (DE), Mizar (IT), ERTICO (BE), Peek Traffic (NL), TRL (UK), INRETS (FR)


Sven Maerivoet, Kris Vanherle, Tom Voge


Sven Maerivoet

+32 16 31.77.33
reference: 09.02