Dynamic Modelling and Pricing

Effects of pricing on congestion with the bottleneck model and the LWR model

The dynamics of congestion and pricing policies has been analysed using two dynamic models: the Vickrey bottle neck model and the LWR model. This approach gained some interesting insights. When there is blocking back of queues, some travellers might perceive congestion while they don’t have to pass through the bottle neck itself. When an optimal congestion charging is applied, the travel costs are reduced for these travellers. As a consequence, the travel demand during peak hours increases without causing any congestion. Therefore it can be concluded that in some situations, the implementation of congestion charging can have a positive effect on network performance.


The paper "Dynamica van congestie en prijsbeleid" has been presented at the Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk�(CVS), November 2003: 200302_artikel.pdf (Dutch)




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