Collaborative Networks

Analysis of the demand for collaborative networks among logistic providers

Flanders is an attractive location for logistic activities.� However, only a limited number of logistic providers are able to provide full service and intra-European logistical operations. By means of collaborative networks, or structural co- operations, providers may offer their current and new customers a broad service package and a pan-European geographic coverage.

Moreover a high service level increases the attractiveness of Flanders as a logistics centre.� The objective of the 'analysis of the demand' project is to gain insight in the demand side of collaborative networks among logistics providers. The collaborative networks studied here are structural co-operations between logistics providers with similar businesses.

The research road map 'collaborative networks' of the Flemish Institute of Logistics (Vlaams Instituut voor de Logistiek) resulted in a pilot project early 2005. 


VIL-series 2004003 "Behoefteanalyse voor collaboratieve netwerken"



funded by

Vlaams Instituut voor de Logistiek (VIL)


Bart Vannieuwenhuyse


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