Demonstration of innovative sustainable mobility measures in European cities

As part of the Horizon 2020 program, CIVITAS 2020 focuses on innovation in energy-efficient urban mobility and transport. The European Commission supports projects in which cities work together to implement measures in an innovative way and learn from the implementation processes and their achieved impact.

The CIVITAS PORTIS project starts on 1 September, 2016 and runs until 1 September, 2020. The project is coordinated by the city of Antwerp, which, together with the cities of Aberdeen (Scotland), Constanta (Romania), Trieste (Italy) and Klaipeda (Lithuania) will take a large number of innovative measures with a focus on the interaction between city and port. There will be an intense cooperation to strengthen innovation both in the cities as towards other cities. A thorough evaluation of the implementation and impact of the measures on urban mobility, environment and energy will be an important part of the work as well. Various partnerships are set up with other European cities and also with a Chinese partner, namely the port city of Ningbo.

TML supports the city of Antwerp in the management of the locally implemented measures and the project coordination, and also works out activities to implement the interesting measures in the different cities of CIVITAS PORTIS to other European cities.


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funded by

European Commission, CIVITAS 2020


Antwerp (Belgium), Aberdeen (Scotland), Constanta (Romania), Trieste (Italy), and Klaipeda (Lithuania)


Dirk Engels, Gitte Van Den Bergh, Eef Delhaye


Dirk Engels

+32 16 31.77.31
reference: 16007

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme