Mobility and Accessibility Study Carrefour Car Park Herstal

Study of traffic circulation in the vicinity of the Carrefour car park in Herstal

This study considered the effects on traffic circulation using various scenarios and suggested possible solutions to the mobility problems surrounding the site of Carrefour Herstal. There are often long traffic jams for access to the site, and long delays at the traffic lights at the car park exits. The scenarios were considered in relation to a predefined base case that describes the current state of the site. The effects on traffic circulation were studied by means of traffic volumes and travel time losses.

By interpreting the results, we were able to make objective and quantitative comparisons between these scenarios and the base case on the one hand, and between the scenarios themselves on the other hand. For the study, we used a micro simulation model, which explicitly allowed us to take the interactions between individual vehicles into account.

Carrefour Herstal





funded by

Carrefour Group Belgium


Sven Maerivoet, Isaak Yperman, Kristof Carlier


Sven Maerivoet

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