Bodart Square Leuven

Integrated design of the intersection Koning Boudewijnlaan - Leuven Ringway

The City of Leuven and the Flemish Brabant Agency for Roads and Traffic plan to completely reorganize the Bodart square, i.e. near the intersection of the Koning Boudewijnlaan and the Tervuursevest. This includes a better integration into the urban space and an integration of new urban functions. 

An important aspect is the multi-modal functioning of this crucial junction of an important city gate and the Leuven ring.

TML supported Palmbout, who designed the urban development in different respects: the design of the traffic organisation of the hub, the evaluation and optimisation of the hub's function with traffic analyses and dynamic simulations of the developed solutions (using VISSIM). Specific attention was paid to the limitation of space for car traffic and the integration of bus lines as a transfer hub between the ring buses and the radial centre-to-suburb buses.


The final report can be found on the website of the City of Leuven: (pdf)



funded by

Stad Leuven, Wegen en Verkeer Vlaams Brabant


Palmbout, Carin Jannink


Dirk Engels, Ruben Corthout, Rodric Frederix


Dirk Engels

+32 16 31.77.31
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