Affordable and Profitable Taxis in Brussels

Research on the current tariff structure in Brussels

The Brussels Capital Region (BCR) clearly sees the taxi as a complementary transport mode to public transport for the improvement of mobility in the city. The sector is private but regulated, given its social importance. Private companies dislike regulations and taxi company federations recently reacted strongly to imposed rate levels, possible problems with the sector's profitability, and drivers' living standards. It is in this context that the present study was released to gain insight into the profitability of the Brussels taxi sector and all relevant factors. One aspect is of course the price setting, which had to be further explored.  

TML investigated the existing tariff structure of taxis in the Brussels Capital Region. We therefore mainly looked at the price per taxi trip, and the behaviour change of taxi users in the event of price increase or decrease. In addition we considered the taxi itself, namely positioning the taxi as a fully-fledged transportation mode versus private cars, buses, trams, and trains.





funded by

Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest


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Sven Maerivoet, Lars Akkermans, Eef Delhaye


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