Renewable Fuels for Aviation

Coordination of renewable fuel stakeholders' strategy in the field of aviation

The project aims to develop proposals for a coherent, structured, and forward looking strategy for promoting the take-up of renewable fuels in EU aviation. This will imply notably tackling the bottlenecks which prevent a larger penetration of low carbon fuels in EU aviation e.g. how to finance the extra costs of renewable fuels, how to incentivize Member States to develop a framework for renewable fuels for aviation, how to accompany a progressive take up of these fuels in the sector, how to progress towards international sustainability criteria, which strategy to adopt with respect to certification, etc.
The compatibility of the proposed solutions with an evolving international context is kept in mind.
In addition, support is provided to the Core Team of the Biofuel Flightpath initiative.

TML will develop and use economic models to investigate and assess various policy options for the deployment of renewable fuels in EU aviation. We will also contribute to the construction of a number of reference scenarios illustrating possible ways to achieve production targets. These scenarios will provide for a range of production targets, production schemes with the different pathways, their respective production and the origin of the feedstock.
Finally, we will provide an estimate of the cost of supporting policy measures. 


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funded by

European Commission, DG ENERGY


SENASA (coordinator), ONERA, Wageningen UR


Inge Mayeres, Eef Delhaye, Stef Proost


Inge Mayeres

+32 16 95.71.50
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