Assessment of the contribution of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the mid-term implementation of the White Paper on the European Transport Policy for 2010

The European Commission’s White Paper of 12.9.2001 “European transport policy for 2010: time to decide” aims to promote a sustainable transport policy. The White Paper proposes to achieve sustainability by gradually breaking the link between transport growth and economic growth, principally in three ways: changing the modal split in the long term, clearing infrastructure bottlenecks and placing safety and quality at the heart of the transport policy. The White Paper has proposed a number of measures for each of the 12 policy guidelines. As foreseen, the White Paper on Transport undergoes in 2005-2006 an overall assessment concerning the implementation of the measures it advocates and to check whether its targets - for example, on modal split or road safety - and objectives are being attained or whether adjustments are needed.

ASSESS provides technical support to the Commission services for the above mid-term assessment of the White Paper. As a project leader, TML analysed the economic, social and environmental consequences of all White Paper measures. It provides also a detailed analysis of those effects of enlargement likely to affect the structure and performance of the EU transport system. The analysis focuses on 4 policy scenarios for 2010 and 2020 in the view of the most recent global developments (GDP growth, security, international trade, migration, crude oil prices).


FINAL REPORT (28/10/2005)
Annex I Review of White Paper measures
Annex II MS policies review – country reports
Annex III Interaction of the White Paper on transport with other EU policies
Annex IV Impact of external developments
Annex V Modelling scenarios and assumptions
Annex VI Results from the SCENES model
Annex VII TREMOVE modelling of the White Paper measures
Annex VIII CGEurope modelling of the White Paper measures
Annex IX SLAM tool model results
Annex X Analysis of noise impacts
Annex XI Estimated road safety effects of the White Paper on European Transport Policy
Annex XII Macro-economic impact of the White Paper policies
Annex XIII Developments in rail transport since the 2001 White Paper
Annex XIV Qualitative analysis of air transport issues
Annex XV Analysis of maritime and inland shipping policy
Annex XVI Developments in urban transport since the 2001 White Paper
Annex XVII Indicators
Annex XVIII Transport security
Annex XIX Enlargement
Annex XX Political dimension
Annex XXI Infrastructure investment


Conference paper October 2006



funded by

European Commission, DG TREN


Griet De Ceuster, Bart Van Herbruggen, Bruno Van Zeebroeck, Laurent Franckx, Steven Logghe, Kristof Carlier


TML (project leader), TRT, WSP, TNO, University of Gdansk, SWOV, CAU Kiel, ITS Leeds, TU Istanbul, DLR


Griet De Ceuster

+32 16 31.77.30
reference: 04.12