National Policy Frameworks for the Market Development of Alternative Fuels and their Infrastructure

Guidelines and assessment of national policy frameworks

In January 2013, the European Commission adopted a "Clean Power for Transport package" that aims to facilitate the development of a single market for alternative fuels for transport in Europe. The package includes two main things: first, a Communication to the European Parliament, The Council, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), and the Committee of the Regions (COTER) that lays out a comprehensive European alternative fuels strategy for the long-term substitution of oil as energy source in all transport modes. Second, a Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure which was adopted in 22 October 2014.

The Directive requires Member States to adopt national policy frameworks for the market development of alternative fuels and their infrastructure. It sets binding targets for the build-up of alternative fuel infrastructure, including common technical specifications. Furthermore it defines the way of fuel labelling at refuelling points and on vehicles to ensure clarity in the consumer information on vehicle/fuel compatibility. Member States have to submit their national policy frameworks by 18 November 2016 to the European Commission. 

The project aims at assisting the European Commission to support the Member States in the design and preparation of their national policy frameworks by providing guidelines and later on helping the Commission to assess those national frameworks. The work consists of policy data collection and the elaboration of guidelines to prepare national policy frameworks. In addition, it encompasses tools to assess these frameworks and setting up a technical secretariat to host the new Sustainable Transport Forum. The latter will be a merging between two current exiting expert groups, i.e. the Future Transport Fuel group and the Joint Expert Group of Transportation and Environment.


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