An Integrated Approach Reducing Car CO2 Emissions

Non-vehicle technology related measures to reduce CO2 emissions

Following up on an earlier project TML performed for ACEA on HDV CO2 emissions, the aim of this study was to provide insight into non-vehicle tech related measures to reduce CO2 emissions of passenger cars in the post-2020 timeframe. A shortlist of potential measures was compiled, followed by a more detailed review of selected measures.

The initial list of measures that was considered includes:

  • Eco driving
  • Road traffic management systems (ITS based)
  • Road infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy Directive (RED)/Fuel Quality Directive (FQD)
  • Emission Trading System (ETS)
  • Autonomous fleet renewal
  • CO2 based vehicle taxation
  • Vehicle labelling
  • Tyres

Based on existing literature and models (including TML's own MOVEET model), an estimation was made of the contribution of these measures to the passenger car transport sector meeting its 2030 CO2 emission targets.


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