E40 - Sint-Truiden

Analysis of different infrastructure improvements for the connection between the E40 motorway and Sint-Truiden

We examined the spatial-economic orientation of Sint-Truiden at macro level. Several scenarios are being studied. Should the Southern access of Sint-Truiden to the E40 motorway be optimised and what is the economic importance of this? The orientation of Sint-Truiden can be southwest (in the direction of Brussels), south (alternative for the  access direction Brussels and Luik) or southeast (Luik).

Transport & Mobility Leuven was responsible for the Quick Scan Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA) of 2 possible accesses of Sint-Truiden to the E40 motorway. The SCBA takes into account the welfare effects on society of two project alternatives: the decoupling of the N3 and the planned new road of Sint-Truiden to the E40 motorway via Landen. The following aspects are – in a simplified way – taken into account: effect on travel time, nature/landscape, air pollution, noise and investment and operating costs.

Both projects lead to a negative benefit – although the decoupling of the N3 appears to be a better alternative than the N80. The reason for this is that decoupling the N3 succeeds in attracting the transit traffic and the planned new road does not. The main costs are the investment costs and the noise costs. The difference in maintenance cost is also quite important. Both projects lead to a benefit with respect to travel time and the planned new road also leads to an improvement of the air quality.


Report is available here (in Dutch)



funded by

Vlaamse overheid, Agentschap Infrastructuur (Flemish government, Infrastructure Department)


Filip Vanhove, Eef Delhaye


Vectris (project leader), Econnection


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