EIR and SCBA A102/R11bis

Elaboration of the mobility aspect within the plan-EIR and SCBA analysis for the Antwerp tangents A102/R11bis

In this project we conduct an environmental assessment report or plan-EIR according to the  so-called generic track for the A102/R11bis in function of a (possible) future regional spatial implementation plan. The objectives of this plan are included in the Master Plan 2020 (September 2010). This new infrastructure aims to:

  • Relieve the Antwerp Ring
  • Provide a solution for cut-through traffic in the eastern outskirts of Antwerp

TML focuses on the Mobility aspect in the plan-EIR in which alternative solutions are further developed according to the principles of good traffic engineering. An analysis of possible alternatives and their impacts is performed. In addition, the proposed alternatives will be assessed according to the principles of traffic engineering and evaluated in terms of a number of indicators  in terms of accessibility, traffic liveability and traffic safety.

TML also makes a Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA) in which all aspects of the plan and its retained alternatives are included. In addition to the traditional elements of an SCBA (investment and maintenance costs, impact on travel times, safety and environment) we will also calculate the economic impact, using the general equilibrium model ISEEM.


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Wegen en Verkeer Antwerpen


Dirk Engels, Ruben Corthout, Eef Delhaye


Dirk Engels

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