MObility, Vehicle fleet, Energy use and Emissions forecast Tool

MOVEET is a system dynamic based analytical tool to address the policy problems related to transport and climate change. The tool is capable of estimating transport demand and emissions, as well as forecasting the impacts of policy and technological measures in transport-related sectors, covering all transport modes from the different regions in the world up to 2050.

The model consists of 57 regions of the world, many of them representing single countries, i.e. all the European countries and other world major economies. In the model, we consider all transportation modes (road, air, rail, maritime, and inland navigation) that interact through four interrelated modules: Transport Demand, Fleet, Environmental, and Welfare.

Description of MOVEET

recent projects

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Projection Model for Brussels Road TrafficUpdate of the projection model for energy consumption and air pollution of road traffic in the Brussels-Capital Region
Regional Fleet CompositionDevelopment of an approach for harmonized fleet composition statistics for the Belgian regions for use in emission modelling
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LDV CO2 Regulations beyond 2020Assessment of modalities for light duty vehicle CO2 regulations beyond 2020
MOVEET UpdateMobility, vehicle fleet, energy use and emissions forecast tool for Europe version 2.0 development
LGV in the Road Transport MarketLight Goods Vehicles in the Road Transport Market of the European Union
Fleet, Market and CO2 Emissions of Passenger Cars and VansData gathering and analysis to improve the understanding of the fleet, market, and CO2 emissions of M2 and N2 category of vehicles
CO2 and VansInvestigation of emission regulation of light duty vehicles and small vans
An Integrated Approach Reducing Car CO2 EmissionsNon-vehicle technology related measures to reduce CO2 emissions
CO2 and CarsEU passenger car CO2 emissions limits
Potential of EV in the Government FleetPotential, and economic and environmental impact of the replacement of conventional vehicles within the fleet of the Flemish government
The Federal Government as "Launching Customer" of Electric MobilityRoadmap for the transition of the federal government fleet and the fleets of autonomous public enterprises to electric mobility
Company CarsEstimating the impact of company cars on congestion and emissions
Electrification Status of Passenger Cars Assessing the status of electrification of passenger cars and potential future implications for the environment and the European energy system