Microsimulation models are traffic models that simulate the behaviour of every individual vehicle. These models are often used to analyse a small area (often not larger than a sequence of crossroads or on and off ramps) in great detail. Besides the usual aggregated results such as intensities, travel times etc., microsimulation models also yield animations of the study area. These animations show the individual vehicles, making them easy to understand for non-experts. The animations can be used for communication purposes.

TML has licences for VISSIM and Paramics, two commonly used microsimulation software packages. Below we listed some projects in which we applied a microsimulation model.

recent projects

Management System for the Traffic Lights in AntwerpDesign and implementation of an innovative management system and control strategy
New Tramlines in BrusselsTraffic engineering design of new tramlines around Brussels
SUSTAPARKOptimising price and location of parking in cities under a sustainability constraint
WaterloolaanStudy for the reorganisation of R20, Waterloolaan and the Gulden Vlieslaan in Brussels
Train Scheduling: The GameOptimisation of train scheduling in a pc simulation game environment
Impact Study for the New Brussels Postal Sorting CenterMicrosimulations to support the impact study
MODUMModels for Optimizing Dynamic Urban Mobility
Flow Research N32 Roeselare-Hooglede Optimisation of the traffic flow at the public transport corridor between the roundabout on the Koning Leopold III Laan and the Ovonde near the R32 / N32
Mobility Study Recreational Cluster 'Moerelei'An impact study on traffic circulation
CityMobilDriverless transport systems in London and Rome
Mobility and Accessibility Study Carrefour Car Park HerstalStudy of traffic circulation in the vicinity of the Carrefour car park in Herstal
Impact Study WoluwelaanMicroscopic traffic simulation and cost benefit analysis to support the impact study Woluwelaan
Bodart Square LeuvenIntegrated design of the intersection Koning Boudewijnlaan - Leuven Ringway
Evacuation of Disabled PersonsDevelopment of a model for the evaluation of the accessibility, fire safety and evacuation of disabled persons in the hotel and catering industry
Traffic circulation parking Carrefour in Korbeek-LoStudy about the traffic circulation on and around the parking site