Transport & Mobility Leuven

Transport & Mobility Leuven is a private research company founded in 2002 by the  KU Leuven and the Dutch research institute TNO. TML is specialised in quantitative transport research and transport modelling.  It is a multi-disciplinary team of high-level specialists in traffic engineering, transport modelling, transport economics, spatial economics and environmental science. 

TML  carries out research for governments and businesses to support their policy making.  This research covers not only transport itself, but also a broad range of related issues: energy, environment, safety, logistics, spatial planning and effects on  society in general.

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COMPetition for AIR traffic management

Newsletter 1 is available on the website

The final report is available on the website

The final deliverables are available on the website

The final deliverables and the interactive tool are available on the website

Validation analysis express tram line 1 Hasselt-Maastricht

Reporting basic information and results from the provincial traffic models

Assessing the status of electrification of passenger cars and potential future implications for the environment and the European energy system (EEA)

GHG reduction measures for the Road Freight Transport sector up to 2030

Commercial vehicle of the future, operating on the infrastructure of the future to ensure efficiency gains, CO2 reduction and increased safety in road transport

Analysis of the pricing mechanisms and the trade patterns of second hand cars and light commercial vehicles

Policy support using the strategic freight model Flanders

Analysing data sets within the framework of the project ShopMob: mobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping

The three winners presented their thesis 5 October in a dedicated seminar and received their prizes

Development of a macroscopic dynamic traffic model for the Antwerp region

press & presentations