Transport & Mobility Leuven

Transport & Mobility Leuven is a private research company founded in 2002 by the  KU Leuven and the Dutch research institute TNO. TML is specialised in quantitative transport research and transport modelling.  It is a multi-disciplinary team of high-level specialists in traffic engineering, transport modelling, transport economics, spatial economics and environmental science. 

TML  carries out research for governments and businesses to support their policy making.  This research covers not only transport itself, but also a broad range of related issues: energy, environment, safety, logistics, spatial planning and effects on  society in general.

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Elaboration integrated Master Plan for the city of Izegem

Assessment of modalities for light duty vehicle CO2 regulations beyond 2020

Analysis of the current and planned mobility situation

The seminar took place 6 October and the winners are known

The final report is available on the website

The final event of the Olympus project takes place 9 December

Concept support for the redesign of the Hendrik Heymanplein

The final report is available on the website

Supporting the Flemish Government in the creation of her ITS Action Plan

A study on jobs and job creation in the European cycling sector

Traffic engineering design of new tram lines around Brussels

A platform for secure payments and smart multimodal trip planning

The joint technical report is available on the website

Microscopic traffic simulation and cost benefit analysis to support the impact study Woluwelaan

Data gathering and analysis to improve understanding of the fleet, market and CO2 emissions of N2 and M2 category of vehicles

The final report is available on the website

The BiTiBi project website is online

press & presentations