Transport & Mobility Leuven

Transport & Mobility Leuven is a private research company founded in 2002 by the  KU Leuven and the Dutch research institute TNO. TML is specialised in quantitative transport research and transport modelling.  It is a multi-disciplinary team of high-level specialists in traffic engineering, transport modelling, transport economics, spatial economics and environmental science. 

TML  carries out research for governments and businesses to support their policy making.  This research covers not only transport itself, but also a broad range of related issues: energy, environment, safety, logistics, spatial planning and effects on  society in general.

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The final report is available on the website

Seamless energy efficient door-to-door transport through Bike-Train-Bike combination

Changing habits for urban mobility solutions

The final report is available on the website

Second newsletter is available on the website

Ex-post evaluation of Directive 2008/96/EC and preliminary analysis of possible improvements of the Directive

The second deliverable D2: Air transport sector specificities is available on the website, as well as the presentations given at the workshop on 11 February

Drafting new guidelines for the discipline Mobility under the various EIA procedures

The final report is available on the website

The essential elements of our study are on the website

European project on harmonised passenger road mobility statistics

Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts of cycling today and in the future

There are deliverables available on the website

GHG emission reduction potential of EU-related maritime transport and its impacts

Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts with a modal share of 20% cyclists

press & presentations