Road freight transport

Transport & Mobility Leuven did several studies on trucks, heavy duty vehicles, light duty vehicles, etc.. This includes various strategies of increasing the efficiency of raod freight transport, taking into account environmental and safety constraints.

recent projects

Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Flanders Update 2016
City Programme RoeselareAnalysis of the current and planned mobility situation
Strategic Freight Model FlandersPolicy support using the strategic freight model Flanders
Training of Professional DriversStudy on the effectiveness and improvement of the EU legislative framework on training of professional drivers
Commercial Vehicle of the Future – IRU Working Group Commercial vehicle of the future, operating on the infrastructure of the future to ensure efficiency gains, CO2 reduction and increased safety in road transport
TRANSfer III – Facilitating the Development of Ambitious Mitigation ActionsSupporting the identification of greenhouse gas mitigation measures in the field of green logistics in Indonesia
Speed Limitation DevicesEvaluation study on speed limitation devices for commercial vehicles
CO2 Regulation and Speed Limiters The role of speed limiters in the CO2 regulation of new light commercial vehicles
Safety-related Aspects of Tyre UseEU-wide safety effects of tyre choice and use: the influence of weather, tread depth, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and consumer information
Review of a Study on Longer and Heavier VehiclesWe contribute tot he peer review process of the study "The impact of Megatrucks"
Guidelines EIA Mobility New guidelines for the mobility discipline under the various EIA procedures
Longer and Heavier VehiclesEffects of adapting the rules on weight and dimensions of heavy commercial vehicles as established within Directive 96/53/EC
LGV in the Road Transport MarketLight Goods Vehicles in the Road Transport Market of the European Union
Development of a New Logistics Funding SchemeEx-ante analysis for the successor to the EC’s Marco Polo programme in freight logistics
Road PricingRoad pricing analysis of trucks in Flanders
MIRA External CostsInternalization of external costs in Flanders
Level Playing Field for Freight Transport in BelgiumEffects of a continuation of the rail transport subsidy on freight markets and the level playing field for freight transport in Belgium
Heavy Goods Vehicles and CO2Technical possibilities and costs of reducing CO2 emissions of trucks
Driving Restrictions Heavy Goods VehiclesDriving restrictions for heavy goods vehicles in the EU
Effects of a Driving Restriction for Heavy Goods Vehicles on Sunday in the Walloon RegionStudy of the economic, environmental and traffic effects in the Walloon region of a driving restriction for heavy goods vehicles on Sunday
Truck Lane Changing RestrictionsEffects of lane changing of trucks and passenger cars on traffic flow
The Implementation of Kilometre Charging and a Vignette in BelgiumKilometre charging for trucks and an electronic road vignette for light vehicles in the Flemish, Brussels, and Walloon Region
The Cost of Non-Schengen The direct effects of disbanding the Schengen Area on road transport
Economic Effects 80 km/hAnalysis of economic effects of a speed limitation to 80 km/h for trucks on Belgian motorways
CITRUSField tests in Flanders (Belgium) with cooperative intelligent transport systems for trucks