Freight transport

Transport & Mobility Leuven did several studies on rail transport. This includes various strategies of increasing the efficiency of freight and commercial transport, taking into account environmental and safety constraints.

recent projects

Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Flanders Update 2016
3RX CorridorFeasibility study on the 3RX rail corridor between Belgium and Germany
REORIENTEffects of European railway policy on transport of goods
Rail Corridor FStudy exploiting the possibility of creating a rail freight corridor linking Belgium and Poland
Strategic Freight Model FlandersPolicy support using the strategic freight model Flanders
Train Scheduling: The GameOptimisation of train scheduling in a pc simulation game environment
Evaluation of the Trans-Siberian RailwayBusiness case for new Trans-Siberian railway corridor services
MIRA External CostsInternalization of external costs in Flanders
Development of a New Logistics Funding SchemeEx-ante analysis for the successor to the EC’s Marco Polo programme in freight logistics
Iron RhineBelgium wants to reactivate the Iron Rhine (railway line for freight transport between Antwerp - Weert - Roermond - Duisburg) that has been out of service for a while
Level Playing Field for Freight Transport in BelgiumEffects of a continuation of the rail transport subsidy on freight markets and the level playing field for freight transport in Belgium
Training Classes CBA RailTraining for FPS Mobility and Transport, in French and Dutch, 5 days
Network statementsBest practice guide for railway network statements
COBALTInternalisation of external costs on transport corridors
Rail Freight Market Study Corridor C (Future Corridor 2)Rotterdam-Antwerp-Basel/Lyon
EMMOSS ModelFlemish emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail
Cost Benefit Analysis Corridor 22Study of the completion of the railway link Germany - Greece
ArbitrationAdvise to the international arbitrage case "Iron Rhine" between The Netherlands and Belgium. Impact of the Iron Rhine on energy consumption and emissions of freight transport.