Transport emissions

Since our start in 2002, we did quite some projects on emissions and air quality effects of traffic and transport. We developed the TREMOVE transport- and emissions model for DG Environment, and cooperated with the development of the most recent emission standards.

We also perform studies for the Flemish regional government, often in cooperation with TNO. TML estimates the effects of transport policy and forecasts the evolution of new vehicle technologies. Our colleagues of TNO are specialised in air quality model, among others with the CAR model that we developed.

On air quality and emissions, we performed research for several other organisations through Europe, as the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and the French government.

recent projects

CLAiR-CityCitizen led air pollution reduction in cities
Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Flanders Update 2016
REORIENTEffects of European railway policy on transport of goods
TREMOVE Runs on CO2 and CarsCost-benefit analysis of several scenarios on further reductions of CO2 emissions in cars and vans
Speed Limitation DevicesEvaluation study on speed limitation devices for commercial vehicles
Study on LPG cars penetrationBenefits estimation of increased shares of LPG cars in the EU car-fleet
ShopMob Data AnalysesMobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping: analysing data sets
Regional Fleet CompositionDevelopment of an approach for harmonized fleet composition statistics for the Belgian regions for use in emission modelling
Second-Hand Cars European second-hand-car market analysis
Rebound Effectscalculation of the indirect or second order effects of environmental policies
Speed Limits on MotorwaysImpact of maximum speeds on travel times, emissions and road safety
Commercial Vehicle of the Future – IRU Working Group Commercial vehicle of the future, operating on the infrastructure of the future to ensure efficiency gains, CO2 reduction and increased safety in road transport
QUANTIFYModelling of transport volumes for road, rail and inland waterways for the whole world between 1990 and 2100
Review of a Study on Longer and Heavier VehiclesWe contribute tot he peer review process of the study "The impact of Megatrucks"
 TRANSPHORM Transport related air pollution and its impact on health
SUMMADefinition and translation of sustainable mobility in indicators for policy assessment
TREMOVE updateUpdate and further development of transport model TREMOVE
Short Sea ShippingShort Sea Shipping as an alternative for road transport over long distances
Projection Model for Brussels Road TrafficUpdate of the projection model for energy consumption and air pollution of road traffic in the Brussels-Capital Region
VIEWLSPotential of biofuels for the EU
Transport Success StoriesTransport success stories on environment
PremtechEvaluation of new car technologies with TREMOVE
TREMOVE Runs on Euro 5 Standards for CarsCost-benefit analysis of several scenarios on Euro 5 standards for cars and vans
Transalpine Road Freight TransportTraffic management systems for transalpine road freight transport
REFITRefinement and test of sustainability indicators and tools with regard to European Transport policies
GLADYSTETransposing the structure of the TREMOVE model into a system dynamics coding
New TREMOVE BaselineDevelopment of a new TREMOVE baseline for the impact assessment of the EC White Paper on transport
Longer and Heavier VehiclesEffects of adapting the rules on weight and dimensions of heavy commercial vehicles as established within Directive 96/53/EC
SUST-RUSSpatial-economic-ecological model for the assessment of the Russian Federation's sustainability policies
St.E.M.Exploratory and comparative study on a mobility strategy for the environment in the Brussels-Capital Region
Environmental Objectives for Brussels Vehicle FleetsDetermination of environmental objectives for fleet owners based on the analysis of some Brussels vehicle fleets and the best available technologies
Transport sector evolution 2050Prospective study of transport evolution by 2050
Understanding the Second-Hand Car Market in the EUAnalysis of the pricing mechanisms and the trade patterns of second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles
TRANSfer III – Facilitating the Development of Ambitious Mitigation ActionsSupporting the identification of greenhouse gas mitigation measures in the field of green logistics in Indonesia
TREMOVE BelgiumEmissions of road traffic in Belgium 1990-2030
CO2 Regulation and Speed Limiters The role of speed limiters in the CO2 regulation of new light commercial vehicles
GhG-TransPoRDReducing greenhouse-gas emissions (GHG) of transport beyond 2020
TREMOVE SCP-CARA TREMOVE development project adding a waste module and introducing endogenous scrappage decisions
Market-Based Instruments for Reducing Air PollutionAssessment of policy options to reduce air pollution from shipping
GRACEGeneralization of Research on Accounts and Cost Estimation
MIRA-T 2004Contribution to the Flemish report 'environmental indicators', part Traffic and Transport
MIRA External CostsInternalization of external costs in Flanders
Environmental capacity urban roads in BrusselsDevelopment of a practical guide and an evaluation instrument for the environmental capacity of the urban roads in the metropolitan district of Brussels
MIRA-S 2009Evolution of emissions of inland waterway, rail, air and maritime transport
Implementation LEZ BrusselSupporting measures for the introduction of low-emission zones in Brussels
HIGH-TOOLHigh-level strategic transport model
Impact of a New Road Infrastructure on CO2The generative effect of new road transport infrastructure on greenhouse gas emissions, and its impact on Belgian climate policy
The future of ISVAGConsideration of future scenarios for the waste incineration plant ISVAG
Low-Emission Zones in BrusselsIntroduction of low-emission zones in Brussels: impact on environment, mobility and socio-economic effects
Environmental Impact Assessment Report Oosterweel ConnectionMobility aspects
IMMIScreening of air quality problems in Flanders due to road traffic (for NOx and PM10)
IMAGINEImproved Methods for the Assesment of the Generic Impact of Noise in the Environment
Effects of a Driving Restriction for Heavy Goods Vehicles on Sunday in the Walloon RegionStudy of the economic, environmental and traffic effects in the Walloon region of a driving restriction for heavy goods vehicles on Sunday
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quantitative analysis of EU greenhouse gas reduction objective and proposed policy measures in the transport sector
Low-Emission Zones in AntwerpFeasibility study for the introduction of low-emission zones in the city of Antwerp
OlympusElectric vehicles sharing services based on a B2B service platform
MOVEET UpdateMobility, vehicle fleet, energy use and emissions forecast tool for Europe version 2.0 development
Commuting by MotorcycleImpact analysis of an increased share of motorcycles in commuting traffic
PM and NOx Emission Standards of NRMMImpact assessment of PM and NOx emission standards of NRMM
Extensions for the POLES ModelDevelopment of modules for power distribution and capacity planning for the POLES model
Environmental Impact of TransportMeasuring the environmental impact of transport in Flanders
Noise Emission Standards of Equipment for Outdoor UseImpact assessment study on a possible amendment of noise emission standards of equipment for outdoor use
Low-Emission ZonesIntroduction of low-emission zones in Flanders
Unmanned Aerial VehiclesUsability of unmanned aerial vehicles as a platform for registration equipment
LDV CO2 Regulations beyond 2020Assessment of modalities for light duty vehicle CO2 regulations beyond 2020
OPTIMISMOptimizing Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility
INDICCollecting and calculating regional transport indicators for Belgium
Passenger Mobility and Road Traffic StatisticsEuropean project on harmonized passenger road mobility statistics
Green Freight and Logistics IndonesiaEvaluation of the 'Stocktaking Report on Sustainable Transport and Climate Change' and the 'White Paper on Green Freight and Logistics'
Focus report MIRA-T 2007The emissions of international shipping and aviation
IMMI2Calculation of air quality along waterways and in ports
LGV in the Road Transport MarketLight Goods Vehicles in the Road Transport Market of the European Union
Heavy Goods Vehicles and CO2Technical possibilities and costs of reducing CO2 emissions of trucks
Mobile MachinesEmissions of mobile machines in Flanders
Electric TaxisResearch on Clean Power for Taxis
National Policy Frameworks for the Market Development of Alternative Fuels and their InfrastructureGuidelines and assessment of national policy frameworks
ETISplusEuropean Transport Policy Information System: development and implementation of a data collection method for EU transport modelling
External costs road transportEstimation of the external costs of emissions, congestion, noise and safety for road transport in Flanders , 1990-2002.
CAR ModelCalculation of air pollution from road traffic
ASSESSAssessment of the contribution of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the mid-term implementation of the White Paper on the European Transport Policy for 2010
CO2 and CarsEU passenger car CO2 emissions limits
An Integrated Approach Reducing Car CO2 EmissionsNon-vehicle technology related measures to reduce CO2 emissions
Emissions of Inland WaterwaysLocal measures to reduce emissions of inland waterways
EMMOSS ModelFlemish emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail
Energy and emission reductions in BrusselsTML built a transparent transport simulation model for the BIM-IBGE
Maritime Emission Control AreasA new EU maritime emission baseline up to 2050, including the costs of reducing emissions
CIVITAS SATELLITECoordination of research and innovation in the framework of CIVITAS 2020
Car and HealthTML clarifies the link between car - mobility and pollution by fine particles
CO2 and VansInvestigation of emission regulation of light duty vehicles and small vans
An Integrated Electricity Market ModelDevelopment of an integrated electricity market model for Western Europe
ECCONETEffects of climate change on inland waterways and inland shipping competitiveness
Climate Plan FranceClimate plan for the transport and residential sector in France
CO2 in TransportWelfare costs of measures for the reduction of CO2-emissions in transport
COBALTInternalisation of external costs on transport corridors
Particulate matter of electric vehicles
EcoscoreAnalysis of the planned Flemish reform of the circulation taxes
Renewable Fuels for AviationCoordination of renewable fuel stakeholders' strategy in the field of aviation
Company CarsEstimating the impact of company cars on congestion and emissions
CITRUSField tests in Flanders (Belgium) with cooperative intelligent transport systems for trucks
Potential of EV in the Government FleetPotential, and economic and environmental impact of the replacement of conventional vehicles within the fleet of the Flemish government
 GHG Emission Reduction in European Maritime TransportGHG emission reduction potential of EU-related maritime transport and its impacts
ECOSTANDSupport for a Joint Task Force of Europe, Japan and the USA on setting a common research agenda for assessing the impact of ITS on emissions
Emission model aviation EMMOLUpdate and improvement of the Flemish emission inventory for air traffic
Cycling in Wallonia: Does It Pay Off?Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts of cycling today and in the future
External Costs of Maritime TransportEvaluation of the consequences of the revised MARPOL Annex VI in 2015
Fleet, Market and CO2 Emissions of Passenger Cars and VansData gathering and analysis to improve the understanding of the fleet, market, and CO2 emissions of M2 and N2 category of vehicles
ETS Flemish PortsThe implementation of international transport in the European emission trading scheme: 'completing modalities from the perspective of Flemish ports'
Electrification Status of Passenger Cars Assessing the status of electrification of passenger cars and potential future implications for the environment and the European energy system
ArbitrationAdvise to the international arbitrage case "Iron Rhine" between The Netherlands and Belgium. Impact of the Iron Rhine on energy consumption and emissions of freight transport.
Evaluation of Federal Climate Measures Evaluation of new and existing climate actions and measures
CIVITAS PORTISDemonstration of innovative sustainable mobility measures in European cities
The Federal Government as "Launching Customer" of Electric MobilityRoadmap for the transition of the federal government fleet and the fleets of autonomous public enterprises to electric mobility