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Discovering patterns for business opportunities

Data enrichment is one of the important steps in the research activities for several projects we perform at Transport & Mobility Leuven. As we are often confronted with administrations and private companies asking us to identify future issues and opportunities, the need for dedicated data analyses becomes more prominent. This is the case when looking at the micro level of mobility (dealing with driver behaviour), as well as the meso and macro levels (trip planning and long-term mobility planning, respectively). The objectives of these types of projects make it necessary to manipulate data in such a way that an understanding of the underlying structures within the data emerges.

To this end, we have the necessary tools and means to deploy different methods that allow us to effectively reach such a more profound understanding of project-specific problems in the context of our B2B services. These methods include the use of in-house tools to enhance data mining, the merging of different databases from various domains in the fields of transport and mobility, and the creation of data synergies.

In order to remain at the forefront in the competitive world of data enrichment, we continuously develop and advance our knowledge and tools. We do this by actively following and publishing in different scientific journals, as well as by monitoring the most recent advances in both the public and private sectors. Furthermore, our company plays an important role in assisting different players in the domain of transport and mobility, such as European, national, and regional administrations, as well as major private companies. As a result, Transport & Mobility Leuven has developed itself into a specialist that links theoretical findings with practical knowledge.

Please contact us for more information. We take great pride on our services and would be happy to assist you in finding new opportunities in the future world of mobility that is shaped today!

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Estimation of Used Parking Spaces in LeuvenStatistical analysis of payment transactions
Unmanned Aerial VehiclesUsability of unmanned aerial vehicles as a platform for registration equipment
Supporting Smarter MobilityIntelligent road pricing proves useful in directing change and mobility behavior
Improved Monitoring of Traffic Signal ControlsConstruct a system for quality assessment of traffic control systems in Flanders
INTUITInteractive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance
OlympusElectric vehicles sharing services based on a B2B service platform
FLEXSYSFlexible traffic management system
CIVITAS SATELLITECoordination of research and innovation in the framework of CIVITAS 2020
Analysis of Traffic Congestion in BelgiumEvolution of traffic congestion in light of the growth in traffic demand and possible control measures
CIVITAS PORTISDemonstration of innovative sustainable mobility measures in European cities
CFVDValidation of travel times based on Cellular Floating Vehicle Data (CFVD)
EMDASEnvironmental Modelling for automated Driving and Active Safety