Conditions of Sale

No complaint whatsoever shall be accepted upon the expiration of eight days after receipt of the invoice.
All sale amounts shall be payable in ready money in Leuven, Belgium.
If the customer does not comply with the terms of payment or the time of payment granted him, the entire amount of what is left to pay shall be claimable immediately.  The drawing of bills of exchange shall not constitute a novation and does not discharge the customer from any terms of sale, notably concerning interests and damages in case of non-payment.  The protesting of one single bill shall immediately make claimable all circulating bills of exchange.  The formal notice shall result from this protest made out.
In case of dispute or legal claim, the Court of Louvain shall be the only competent jurisdiction.
Any invoices not paid at the due date shall produce ipso jure and without notice an interest of 2% per month.  The mere non-payment of the invoice at the due date shall cause an amount of it to be increased by 20% ipso jure and without notice, with a minimum of € 30 worth of damages for the loss resulting from the late performance of the payment obligation.